What does it take to build effective networking apps like LinkedIn?

Mobile app development Dubai has reached many new heights since the start of this decade and this has considerably speeded up the developing process for many verticals. Many startups are now going global and their popularity is increasing all over. The same can be said for social networking apps like LinkedIn. These apps are revolutionizing mobile app development Dubai and are becoming integral for networking and connecting with people for professional reasons. if you’re looking to build an effective application like LinkedIn, then that will take a lot of effort and precision for planning. Here are the key factors you will have to keep in mind while looking to develop an effective networking app:

1.    What to plan for?

Effective mobile app development Dubai, needs great precision and planning. Without this your application will lack direction and good design and functionality. Planning will ensure that you team is effectively involved and takes part in the entire process. Your planning will involve the target audience you want to get, the design, the features, the tools for development and the team selection. In addition to mobile app development Dubai you will also have to set goals for extensive market research to monitor what is needed by your customers and then provide it in the best possible way.

mobile app development Dubai

2.    The features to add:

This is the most important thing to consider for mobile app development Dubai. This will be the most prominent thing for your app and here are the key features that a networking application should have:

  • Account creation/log in/registration
  • Private messaging/instant messaging
  • Connecting with others
  • Applying for jobs
  • Resume uploading
  • Positing on the main feed
  • Activity status
  • Credentials input
  • Notifications for related jobs and activities
  • Search bars
  • Dashboard information
  • Managing applications
  • Groups to join
  • Interest sections
  • Email management
  • Premium membership
  • Profile visitations

In addition to this, you can also allow your users to update their bios and where they currently work. Updates on open job vacancies can allow users to apply with their updated resumes. Mobile app development Dubai has allowed for maximum convenience in the job market for professionals.

3.    The app design process: what you need?

Here is a list of what the design process will look like and what you need to start with:

  • A wireframe
  • Mockup displays to see the user interface and color designs for the app
  • A prototype that allows you to test the app and then make changes and improvements to the application before a commercial launch
  • Professional software developers who are equipped with sufficient and updated knowledge of CSS, javascript, HTML and other related tech softwares.

So, now that you know what you need for a successful mobile app development Dubai for a networking app, all you need now is DXB apps to help you with all the necessary planning and provide you with the best application of all time! Our team of professional developers and software experts will make sure you get the best services in town!