Some Tips for Parents to Help the Children with Their Homework

Lido Learning

Doing homework is a common thing for students. In the normal condition, the teachers will give them homework to the students. Then, the students need to do it at home. Sometimes, homework is easy to do. So, the students will not face any difficulty to finish it. However, the homework may require a lot of things and hard to do it alone sometimes. Well, in this case, the students may need to form a group from several students so that the students can finish the homework quickly. However, in some conditions, the students are not able to perform the study group. For example, the condition in which online teaching-learning is conducted instead of the face to face the teaching-learning process. The online teaching-learning process requires the students to study at their homes. It means there is no direct interaction between students – teachers and students – students. This condition can give some effects on the students. They may feel bored and lazy to finish their homework. It’s quite understandable since learning from home alone is not an easy thing to do for the children. However, parents can do several things for helping their children in finishing the homework.

Finishing the Homework with A Fun Way

The role of parents in the online teaching-learning process is quite important. The parent needs to act as a teacher and friend for their children. The parents need to help the children for doing their homework without letting them do it. It means that the parent can act as an assistant and motivator for the children. In this case, the parents may need to know more about parents homework and fun way out. Knowing how to motivate the children for finishing their homework is a must thing to do. The parents can give benefits rewards for the children when they have finished their homework. The rewards can be some physical gifts or free time for the children. In this condition, the children will get the motivation to finish their homework so that they can get rewards. On the other hand, the parents also give some snacks to the children when they are doing the homework. The children may feel hungry since they learn a lot of things. The snack will help them to keep their focus. The parents also can help the children by explaining several materials in their subject. The parents can create a good picture that can explain the material easily. It will be better for children to learn new things with other people than to be alone.

Learning the Subjects in Lido

Teaching and helping the children in doing homework is not an easy thing to do. The parents may need to produce such high energy so that the children can understand the explanation. However, not all parents can teach their children properly. It will cause some problems since the children need the help of their children. In this case, the parents can enroll their children in an online course provided by some institutions. The online course is filled by a professional teacher that can teach and explain the subjects clearly. In addition, the online course also offers discussion, material, and other information to the children. So, the children can learn it easily. Lido Learning is one of the best online courses that can be taken by children. This online course is handled by the best teacher in India. It provides some subjects such as English, Mathematics, Coding, and Science. The range of classes in Lido is from Class 5 to 9. It also offers the program for ICSE and CBSE. It means that the parents can choose the best program that is suitable for the children’s condition. The benefits of learning in Lido is that the teacher will teach about the basic concept in such a fun way. The children will be more curious about the subject. As a result, children can understand the subject easily. Lido also offers a flexible schedule. The parents can make it based on the schedule of their children. So, the children are ready to learn in Lido without hurrying to chase another schedule.

The Example of Syllabi in Lido

As the institution of an online course, Lido also offers some different syllabi to create the best plan for the children. The syllabi are divided by the class, type of programs, and subjects. Each class will have some different topics that can be chosen. Each topic will be divided into some subtopics. For example, the syllabi of Class 6 in the CBSE program for the Science subject has some different topics. The children will learn about food, components of food, properties of materials, separation of substances, changing matter, plants, body movement, living organism, motion and measurement distances, light shadow and reflections, electricity and circuits, magnets, water, and air.