Second Print Speed for Hp Laserjet Pro 400 Mfp

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP is the industry’s first professional-grade A5 format laser machine, providing up to 60 pages A5 paper per minute print speed and supporting HP Apps platform, at the same time it can satisfy A4 printing office documents.

So HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP also provides open interface, allowing the all-in-one laser printer use HP Apps platform to promote interactivity.


HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP contains two products, a single-function laser printer MFP M401 and multi-function equipment M425. Look M425 from exterior can use four words to describe “tall and mighty”, height slightly higher than the usual number of laser machine, mainly because it is designed similar to a digital copier products, is located in the scan from the party paper outlet part of the space is very large, left abundant room for the high strength work.

The output and input paper space section are both capacious. M425 input paper is divided into two parts, marked 1 and 2. 1 is the manual put paper, this part is folded. 2 is an input tray, maximum support A4 format, can accommodate 250 pages.


M425 add copy, scan function than M401, actually not just more than “added” features. To prove this point, we need only look at the Automatic Document Feeder. Compared with the ordinary laser machine, M425 automatic document feeder can accommodate more original copies, so that greatly reduces the manual in the high strength work pressure.

M425 also provides the tablet scanner, uses a CIS scanning components, can satisfy the general scanning requirements.

As a support HP Apps support platform product, M425 offers a 3.5-inch LCD screen, and support for touch operate, so that either try daily operations or use Apps, users can be handier.

Paper supply system

M425 paper-supply system is divided into two parts. The benefits of this design is that it can meet different requirements, such as the drawer can be placed A4 paper for general office use, while in the feeder section can be used to accommodate A5 paper and other special business use paper.

Whether manual input paper or the paper plates, paper has good compatibility with different dimensions. The minimum can support to the A5 size, maximum to 8.5 x 13 even more LGL size.

The backend components

At the rear end of this printer, can see some important component. Including duplex printing unit, prevent paper unit. These parts adopt open mode design, once happens paper jam and other simple fault in the high strength work, users can through simple manual operations troubleshooting, in order to ensure M425 to quickly return to work. The core of all design purpose only one, is security printer moment in high speed and stable working condition.

In addition, you can see the side of M425 has a thermal window, it should be dedicated to fixing roller for heat dissipation.

Laser printing unit in the final section will be a high temperature fixing process, through the upper fuser roller heating carbon powder melting fixed on paper, low temperature may cause printing decolorization, high temperature may affect the recycling of waste powder, causing the low printing quality. This part of the calorific value is bigger, common laser printers do not need special cooling measures, however, if you want to print under high working pressure to ensure continuous and stable working condition, the necessary cooling measures is necessary, it also highlights the M425 market positioning.

Consumable parts

By pressing the button near printer outlet paper, you can see M425 consumable parts. Consumable part design is concise, easy for users to change.

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