Yes I’m a female gamer and this female character is almost naked, so what?

After tweeting plans to make the characters of MGS 5 more erotic, including the controversial female character, Quiet, my male gamer friends have been acting awkward (more than usual) around me.

So let me get the record straight on this: Just because I play video games and I just so happen to be female doesn’t mean I’m offended by every sexually glorified stunt the video game industry decides to take.

Playing for over a decade, I have had my fair share of sexually charged female characters in some of the video games I own. I’ve noticed an increasing trend of females in video games but with less clothes and triple D boobs.

Yet, I shrug it off and continue playing my Dead or Alive 5, with Kasumi’s enormous boobs that jiggle unrealistically. Why? Simple answer: it’s a video game.

Video games are meant to mirror our world but with interesting twists. Think about it: If video games were to realistically portray every aspect of our society- how boring would that be? I can’t imagine playing a video game as a character named Bob going to his deadbeat office job with a boss whose an asshole. However, if Bob ended up bashing his boss’ head in because his boss turned into a zombie and now he’s stuck in an apocalyptic world overrun by them, well- slap a catchy title on it and promote it as a video game. I bet gamers would buy it, at least be somewhat interested.


Like I said, video games are meant to mirror but not copy our world. Video games are where developers’ minds can run wild with imagination (which is probably why there’s so many half-naked girls running around with their boobs bobbing).

It is easy to be mislead that the industry behind MGS 5 are “full of man babies” according to Halo designer, David Ellis.

The Halo series is not above Ellis’ statement either, however. The developers of Halo have increased Cortana’s sexuality with every installment of the game, the most noticeable being Halo 4 when Cortana’s breasts are clearly visible and protruding (even though her character is a computer program). Now I’m not calling Ellis a hypocrite but I’m calling him a hypocrite.

Lastly, to end my onslaught, I’ll leave you with this. If female characters are scantly-clad in video games to appeal to male gamers then why is it that developers feel the need to create male characters super-buffed with chiseled abs and deep voices: To make female gamers like me swoon over how sexy they are.

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  • McBraas

    “Video games are meant to mirror our world but with interesting twists. Think about it: If video games were to realistically portray every aspect of our society- how boring would that be?”

    Thank you. I did think about it.

    • ScorpioTurret

      But that doesn’t really fix or justify anything. I mean if a game had you burning orphans and raping women you’d have to defend it by the above logic because it’s a different world.

      • Shoe On My Poo

        Well…is the game itself good? Or is it shitty?

        A good game is a good game, and a shitty game is a shitty game, regardless of the message behind it.

        • ScorpioTurret

          Um, nobody said the game was of high or low quality. I don’t see the point of your comment as this discussion isn’t about game quality.

          A well made game with good story and gameplay can be sexist or insulting just like a game that doesn’t do these thing can be complete crap.

          • Shoe On My Poo


            But is it a good game?

          • ScorpioTurret

            Well, we haven’t played it yet. It’s not out.
            but how is this relevant?

            Say it’s great, I mean it’s MGS so it’s likely. I still don’t see your point. I can appreciate a game for being great and still criticize it. Just because I disagree with one aspect of the game doesn’t make me condemn the entire thing. I’m also not going to let a great game get away with such things just because I like it. I respect the medium enough to criticize something even if I like it.

            Say it sucks. Then it’s a sucky game that’s also sexist.

            As stated quality is irrelevant in this discussion.

          • Shoe On My Poo

            It’s quite relevant.

            I’m not buying a shitty game. I will by a not-shitty game.

          • ScorpioTurret

            I don’t see what’s relevant? You buying the game doesn’t change anything. As proved above the game being shitty or not shitty doesn’t change anything about the original article. I fail to see your point. I don’t care what you buy.

  • Mike Jones

    a female that gets it….*slow clap* :’)

  • Kamille

    she looks like a stripper, that’s my problem. I really couldn’t give a crap about sexism and stuff but that outfit is tacky as hell. It’s like a porno film parody.

    • extermin8or2

      I agree with the other comments, but I also agree with this. (To be clear I’m a guy…) when I saw the trailer-I saw her outfit and burst out laughing…… it’s just TOO ridiculous… if she wasn’t running around holding a massive sniper clearly battling it’d be a non issue, it’s the fact that… we’re supposed to be accepting she wears ^ THAT into a warzone…

  • ScorpioTurret

    Just because one woman likes it doesn’t instantly it ok. In the same way, one man disliking doesn’t instantly make it morally wrong.

    My problem isn’t that we have an overlysexualized woman, we have so many of those already that it’s ridiculous to focus on just one, especially in MGS which has a history of such things, and isn’t really that bad for it at all. Like I said, sex object isn’t my issue here.

    My issue is we have one of those and he seeks to further sexualize her. His goal is to take fanservice to the next level to sell more figurines and increase the amount of cosplays, which making your character a bit sluttier so that you can see more women dressed like her is its on article entirely.

    It just seems like it’s needlessly degrading. Both to the character, to (some) women and to gamers. I don’t want a dev to assume I’m playing their game to see boobs. Why focus on this to increase game sales, figurine sales and cosplay and not the story or some other aspect. Didn’t Kojima state a few weeks ago that he was blown away by the potential story and mechanics of GTAV? So why not keep working to increase those aspects and harp on something that boils down to fanservice, that’s all it is.

    People argue that she wears so little since her skin is able to alter it’s appearance and become camo. Wearing clothes would be a hindrance to her. But all that says is that they created an entire gameplay mechanic just to get her into panties. There have been suits with this tech in previous games so there’s no real reason why she can’t be wearing one.

    You can’t defend a game by saying it has worlds that mirror reality you and then pick and choose which realities you don’t. This hasn’t been done in this article, but should you choose to dislike something like this in a different game or some controversial issue in a different game, there’s nothing to stand on since it’s a game with “its own world.” I agree that games are used like this and it is a benefit, but I fail to see how it’s a defense of this.

    I thought hyper buff male characters were created to play into the stereotypical male’s power fantasy.

  • Jason Tanner

    “Yes I’m a female gamer and this female character is almost naked, so what?”

    It would’ve just been easier to say you’re a female gamer without a clue, no? Maybe one day when you’ve mature into an adult you’ll see that you’re ignorance and attitude in this matter isn’t helping the way that a lot of men will objectify you and see as nothing more than potential sexual encounter. Until then, good luck.

    • Keoterror

      I think that you might want to re-visit your comment to look at your grammar before you start making personal attacks on writers.

      “Maybe one day when you’ve mature into an adult you’ll see that you’re ignorance”

      Let me help you out here. You meant to use the word your.

    • Clifton Walton

      Yawn. Just because you find someone attractive doesn’t mean you don’t care about who they are as a human being.

      A sexy character in a videogame, book or movie isn’t a threat to anybody.

      • Jason

        Yes because clearly if the effects of pornography have proven anything, it’s that. Also, I don’t believe you represent the entire male race, yawn.

  • Jack

    “It’s a video game” doesn’t strike me as a very compelling argument for why lazy and masturbatory character design is okay. Nor does the “tu quoque” fallacy about Cortana. I read this article because I thought it might raise an interesting point, but nope, your argument is essentially “it is what it is” and “everyone does it” so all hail the status quo.

    • Jason Tanner

      Bingo! We have a winner here! Thank you for proving that critical thinking and class aren’t yet extinct.

  • Ericemtil Qulbumeh

    this is great and true! I’m a male gamer and I could care less about the sexuality of the female, as long as they are fun to play with or against. :) and the glorification of a woman’s body should be accepted. Plus, there are A LOT of games with sexy female characters and very few of those games are criticized for it but here comes along a genius creator like Kojima and his idea, and for some reason people want to shmoop about it. It’s just trying to find an error in the dark, when the games themselves by him are near-perfect. thank you female gamer for being the second woman to bring up the fact that you’re fine with it and there’s nothing wrong with the idea of Quiet’s sexualization considering the fact that Kojima stated he has a d@mn good reason as to why she’s wearing such clothes (other than to promote sales).

  • Kevin Weaver

    Both the ultra-masculine males and sex-object females in games are male fantasies:

    The women are in games to fulfill male sexual fantasies, the men are in games to fulfill our power fantasies. We *want* to be huge, muscular, and have ripped abs. Just like we want women to have huge, jiggly boobs and slim waists but with gratuitous ass.

    But make no mistake: Nobody’s making these characters to appease ladies. They’re making these characters to appease guys.