Xbox One New Multiplayer & Party Updates

This week Microsoft finally detailed two new updates that are coming for the Xbox One; after announcing a month ago that an update to make the Xbox One dashboard much easier was coming. The two main focuses of these updates are to put you and your friends front and center, making things less complicated on the dashboard. But the real aim is to make the Xbox One compatible as possible for the release of Titanfall on March 11th.

“Our March Xbox One system update will start rolling out in early March,” said Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten in a statement. “We’re excited to get these multiplayer and party improvements out in time for the March 11 launch of “Titanfall,” the highly anticipated team-based online multiplayer game.”

The first update will put the Friends list in the front of the dashboard making it way easier to check who’s online; so you’ll have the option to select the Social app on the dashboard or say “Xbox Go to Friends” and it will open the window right away. They are also introducing a new “Invite friends to game” option with upcoming multiplayer titles like Titanfall, meaning that on the game menu it will also let you invite your friends. Also there will be a “Recent Players” list also allowing you to invite the same noob you were playing with to another game.


Microsoft has delayed this update on Monday but has said it will be done sometime this week, so everyone hold your horses and remember to buy Titanfall coming out March 11th and sign up for the beta now on

“We’re lucky to have a passionate community that shares feedback. Thanks for helping us make Xbox One even better.”



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