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World Basketball Manager 2 announces indiegogo funding campaign

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Icehole Games has announced a crowdfunding campaign for the development of a sequel to the popular sports management game, World Basketball Manager. 

The original WBM first launched way back in 2001. It has been constantly upgraded and adjusted by developers and fans ever since.

Fans are encouraged to check out the future sequel’s indiegogo site for information and contribution options.

The contribution table looks like this:

€3: Your name will be included in a “special thanks” section on the game’s website.

€10: You will receive a digital copy of the finished game, which will save you 50% off the game’s retail price of 20€.

€15: You will receive the finished game plus a copy of World Basketball Manager Tycoon.

€20: You will receive the finished game plus a copy of WBM Tycoon and a copy of the original WBM. 

€30: All of the previous perks plus the chance to evaluate and contribute input on your favorite team in WBM 2.

€50: All of the previous perks plus a created version of yourself as a playable manager. You choose the name, photo and attributes of your manager.

€100: All of the previous perks plus the promise of all future versions/sequels of the game for free.

€500: All of the previous perks plus credit as the game’s producer.

The campaign has a goal of €25,000. The end of the campaign is scheduled for April 3, but the deadline will be stretched further if needed.

World Basketball Manager is the first Greek game to be distributed worldwide.

For more information, check out the franchise’s website.

For our review of WBM Tycoon, go here.

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