Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Announcement

The transforming alien robots – from outer space – are back with another game, titled Rise of the Dark Spark, it is a sequel to the excellent Fall of Cybertron we saw back in August 2012. Set in a universe untainted, nor sullied, by the corruption of the, aptly named, “Bay-verse”, it delivered an action packed campaign and paid full respect to the 80’s characters. A sequel was inevitable given that the end of Fall of Cybertron showed Megatron and Optimus Prime hanging on for dear life on the Ark while it traveled through a portal that lead to Earth. Then the credits rolled.

Oddly, Rise of the Dark Spark does appear to have taken inspiration from the movies, but has also mixed in the designs from the previous game, with each character having two models. We also see some scenes from the dying planet Cybertron as well as modern day Earth. It’s as though the Fall of Cybertron universe has collided with the “Bay-verse”.

Looking at what has been stated previously regarding the games series, I assume Rise of the Dark Spark is an attempt at tying up the Transformers Prime television series, which took design cues from the movies, with the games, to create a decent, universal origin story for the fractured franchise. The multiple character models may be the transformers before and after crashing into Earth, but that still leaves the scenes of Cybertron out of the equation, a planet which was previously known to be defunct and unable to support life.



What do you think will happen, and what part do you think Cybertron will play in the game? Let us know in the comments.

Written by: Corrupted Cartridge Contributor

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