Tom’s Top 10 DLC’s Of All Time

DLC’s are relatively new features that many games seem to be implementing. Whether it is a back catalogue of thousands of songs for Guitar Hero or Rock Band or a library of cars for racing games. In this list, I will be focusing on DLC’s that add another layer to a game’s story (meaning none of the map packs or different outfits for characters).

10. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood — The Da Vinci Disappearance

The first DLC to add an additional story for its franchise. It adds an additional eight single player missions and one multiplayer map. With a fun storyline which fits in well to the original and the addition of new characters. This is a must-have for anyone who is devoted to the Assassin’s Creed franchise.


9. Dark Souls — Artorias Of The Abyss

A DLC compiled of mostly content cut from the original game. This add-on gives the player extra weapons, spells, armour and other items. As well as keeping true to the Dark Souls’ theme, more enemies and a new boss battle will cut your character down to size. Despite the many restarts, this is still a great addition to the game.


8. Borderlands — The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx

The third add-on for Borderlands and the best one. This content increases the level cap for the player as well as add loads of new challenges and missions, which play out in a great story that adds to the Borderlands experience.


7. Dishonored — The Brigmore Witches

The fourth and final DLC for Dishonored. The reason this has been chosen is because as a final DLC, it rounds up the game superbly as it links all the story from the main campaign and other DLC’s into a grand finale, which gives the player closure. With a gripping story, The Brigmore Witches is a great addition to Dishonored’s story.


6. Oblivion — Shivering Isles

An additional fourty hours of gameplay is to be had in this new part of Oblivion. With a whole new area to be explored containing new weapons, items, new dialogue and an additional gripping quest list. This is one of those DLC’s that will be a hit with anyone who is a fan of the franchise.


5. Mass Effect 3 — The Citadel

Released as two parts, we are combining them here as it is basically the same story. As the last DLC for the Mass Effect trilogy, it gives players that last play through and time to rekindle with all your favorite characters from the games. Even after the adventure is over, the addition of the casino and combat arenas are a bonus.


4. Fallout: New Vegas — Dead Money

The first in the series of DLC’s for New Vegas. Easily the best one out of the lot. After tracking down the long lost Sierra Madre Casino, the player gathers together a group of companions spread throughout this new playable area to help break in. Playing in a city where radiation is everywhere and hooded enemies lurking in dark corners and rooftops. This is one of the most intense add ons I have ever seen.


3. Mass Effect 2 — The Lair Of The Shadow Broker

This DLC concerns through Liara T’Soni history with the Shadow Broker. Playing along side Liara, this pack gives the player a lot more history into what is one of the franchises best enemies. With a storyline that fits superbly in with the other games. Its easy to see why this is branded the best DLC of the Mass Effect universe.


2. Skyrim — Dragonborn

The third expansion for one of the most popular games of the current generation. Dragonborn was by far the most memorable and well recieved DLC for Skyrim. In this brilliant content you travel to the island of Solstheim to return the first Dragon blood. With a new load of extra weapons, characters, quests and all things good in Skyrim.

SkyrimDragon_80470_screen1. Fallout 3 — Broken Steel

It was hard to choose what Fallout 3 DLC to use in this list. However, I decided on Broken Steel. This is mostly because it is hard to follow up the epic storyline had in the main game. This DLC does it justice and adds more the what is one of the best single player experiences of the current generation of games. As the third DLC, Broken Steel also raises the level cap as well as extra sides quests and more Fallout time.


Written by: Tom Peirce

Social Media Manager & Achievement Hunter