If the Titanfall launch goes south, we riot

Titanfall is a fantastic game.

The hype being given to it is going to lead to unrealistic expectations, but that can’t really be helped. It is the first big release in months, and Xbox users are thrilled to finally have something to rest their tired heads on.

One of our other editors, Andrew, shares his experiences with the game here.

The game seems perfectly situated for a successful launch on March 11.

But I have been duped before.



If the Titanfall launch goes anywhere near as badly as the Battlefield one, we riot.

You get the pitchforks, I will bring the torches and we meet at EA headquarters. They will not do this to us again.

EA needs Titanfall to get back into everyone’s good graces. I understand that EA is a publisher and only funds/oversees the development of games, but there is a horrible pattern starting to form for EA’s triple A releases.

First there was the Mass Effect 3 ending and the firestorm that followed. This wasn’t really EA’s fault, as it had little control over the writing in the game. BioWare rightfully caught most of the heat for this.

However, if you are throwing millions behind a product, you should probably make sure it isn’t reported to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau for false advertising.

mass effect

The SimCity nonsense was next. I feel like EA deserved more of the blame in this instance because the game they were backing wasn’t ready to go out. It needed more/better servers in order to function at even a minimal level.

EA responded well to the issues. They created new and better servers and offered a free game to those affected by the outages. The CEO stepped down soon after the refund announcement. The situation was handled.

However, if people petitioned the White House for legislation barring the types of servers you used in a game, you probably should have stopped the launch and addressed the issue beforehand.

And we get to the aforementioned Battlefield 4 launch. This is a very well-documented disaster that is STILL largely unfinished. There are at least 3 lawsuits that have been filed over the major issues the game has had since day one.

It is clear to me that EA doesn’t care that much about the issues, because the game sold well (1.6 million copies as of this month). The money is there, so the job is over.

Who cares if you happen upon a 9-foot tall monstrosity while playing…


I saw a stretched soldier once, and I immediately thought of the blue Shawn Bradley Monstar in Space Jam. 


I am not even going to talk about NBA Live, partly because nobody has talked about NBA Live in 15 years.

EA did well with this year’s installments of FIFA and Madden. I will even say that Battlefield 4 was a great game if you look past all of the issues.

Titanfall has a really strong chance of outdoing all of the recent successes and erasing all of the recent failures for a much-maligned gaming giant.

I played the beta, and I didn’t see any major issues. I also feel like if there were any major issues, thousands of gaming websites would have been reporting them by now.

There is nothing to worry about, but I just can’t help it. I am so excited for the full game that I just know I am going to be hurt again.

And if that happens, I will see you in Redwood City.


(Note: It is a joke. We aren’t actually going to riot– you crazy internet people.)

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  • Dennis Crosby

    Well two thing to remember 1.EA is only publishing the game 2.there not use EA servers there using Microsoft which was ranked one of the best in the world. I think the only thing they have to worry about is Dos attack hopefully that doesn’t happen but you guys seen how those have been happening alot.

  • Mike Jones

    if you have not figured out that EVERY multiplayer launch has issues…or can’t figure out that you are not being forced to buy a game day 1,and can wait a few weeks for servers/patches to be sorted out….then i dunno what to tell you…