Third Person Action-Adventure Magus Available For Pre-Order

Magus is now available for pre order for $29.99 . Magus is a third person action-adventure game and is available for Playstation 3.

Magus is rescued from a prison, helped by a mysterious woman named  Kinna who tells him he isn’t a normal human being but is actually a god. Magus then sets out on a journey to fulfill his destiny using his new skills to defeat any enemies he may face along the way. Magus has a variety of strong magical powers at his disposal and there are a total of three colored stones that he can absorb that give him the ability to unleash different magical powers. These powers include having the ability to raise the dead and throw deadly fireballs. All of Magus’ abilities get stronger as you defeat your enemies. This can eventually lead to you becoming a master of one of the three powers or even a master of all three of your powers. If you are someone who enjoys a challenge or if you feel like the game is too easy, you can increase the difficulty setting of the game in real time.

Check out the teaser trailer here to get a look at what to expect when the game is released.

 Magus is being developed by Black Tower and Aksys Games. Magus is a third person action-adventure and will be released on Playstation 3.

Written by: Mark Thorne

So after he for some strange reason wrote this the first time as if he was applying for a job Mark has gotten around to correcting this. Mark always likes to have a good time and is all about having a good laugh. He will also probably never get used to writing about himself from a 3rd person perspective :P.