Concursion Review

Concursion is what would happen if you took one of those 5 in 1 games from the days of the NES and squished all five games into one. Drawing inspiration from games like, Super Mario Bros., R-Type, Strider, Balloon Fight and Pac-Man, Concursion attempts to blur the line between different

Transistor Review

After the success of 2011’s Bastion, Supergiant Games have returned with their second game, Transistor. Many questions could have been asked prior to this games release. How do you follow-up a game like Bastion? Can this live up to the hype? What type of game will this be? I for

Evolve Battle: Goliath Perspective

After seeing that Evolve was playable at PAX East all weekend, I was buzzing for our appointment to come around. For those unaware of Evolve, it is a new take on a multiplayer shooter. Essentially, it is 4V1. One player plays as the Goliath, a massive Godzilla-like creature as it takes

Speed Kills Review

Harkening back to the days of Rock N Roll Racing, R.C. Pro-Am, and Micro Machines, Speed Kills will scratch that nostalgia itch for fans of isometric racers, but maybe not everyone else. That’s not to say however, that the game is not enjoyable. The racing itself is not overtly complicated

Moebius Empire Rising Review

How does one live their life with an high IQ and after witnessing their mother get mauled by a wild lion at an young age? If you’re Malachi Rector you withdraw yourself from others and use your brilliance to tick people off, that is the ever lasting impression you’ll get

Kickstarting Kickstarters: Choice Chamber

Choice Chamber has already generated a lot of interest all around the internet. Taking ideas from Twitch Plays Pokémon, Platformer game Choice Chamber is very similar to Twitch Plays Pokémon allowing the audience to control what the character does in the game (i.e. types of weapons the player receives, what jump buff they are given or the size