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Review Policy

Review Policy

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Here at Corrupted Cartridge gaming is in our DNA, and although most gaming websites say that, we really feel that way. We love the gaming industry, and although we see some of the things that are wrong with it, we would like to see it continue to do well. In order for the industry to continue to grow we must hold publishers and developers accountable for the games that they put out. The way we do this is by reviewing those games.

We review games based on 5 different criteria, and those criteria are Concept, Gameplay, Presentation, Sound, and Value. Each of these criteria are given a score, and the mean of those scores is the final score given to the game.  The review scores given are based on a 5 point system, and we have listed them below.

0 – 0.5: Games given these scores are just terrible, and they should only be bought if the gamer wishes to torture themselves or a friend

1 – 1.5: These games are still really bad, but not as bad as the ones listed above

2 – 2.5: These games are getting better, and may have some features that gamers would like, but the execution just isn’t there

3 – 3.5: Mediocre games at best, and are only really suggested for gamers that are absolute fans of the genre or franchise

4 – 4.5: Games given these scores are really good, but they are either lacking something or have one feature that is really bad

5: These games are the best around and nothings ever gonna keep them down. They are the cream of the crop, and every gamer should go and pick these titles up.

If you have any question on our review policy, or you would like to send us a game to review you can contact us by using our contact form.


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