Professional Gamer Denied Entry into the United States, Spends Night in Holding Cell

Marcel “dexter1″ Feldkamp, a professional League of Legends player from Germany, was denied entry into the United States on Friday, January 3rd.

According to his personal twitter account, Feldkamp was first delayed several times:

The next day Feldkamp tweeted the following:

Feldkamp was on his way to Los Angeles to coach the Jungler role at the Counter Logic Gaming Camp Tournament. This tournament was designed to be part fan appreciation event/part boot camp for the 5 players selected by CLG and was held at The Grid Cyber Lounge in Chino Hills, CA.

Counter Logic Gaming is the oldest active League of Legends team. In a statement to, CLG Manager Kelby May indicated that Feldkamp had indeed been denied entry and detained overnight.

E-sports players have recently been granted the same visa rights as top professional athletes (see the LA Times’ announcement). They are allowed to compete and train in America on P-1A visas, which are given out on a case by case basis. May indicates that “Though Dexter’s (Feldkamp’s) athlete visa is in progress, it hasn’t been approved yet. He had documentation to come to the US legally through a visa waiver, but was still denied access to an extent and for reasons still unknown.”

May goes on to speculate that Feldkamp was denied entry because he is not technically a paid employee of CLG, and that perhaps he was denied for trying to illegally work in the United States. Feldkamp was able to participate in The Battle of the Atlantic event in Los Angeles a few weeks ago without any immigration incidents.

Feldkamp will not be able to return until his visa has been approved.

Written by: Corrupted Cartridge Contributor

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