A new challenger emerges in the Candy Crush Saga “saga” saga

You may have seen some of the ongoing coverage of King, the developer of the immensely popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga, and its attempt to block other games from creating confusion and stealing potential buyers in the mobile gaming market.

If you haven’t seen any of yet, here is a quick and dirty rundown that will help save you a Google search:

- Last February, King filled a trademark request with the United States Patent Office to trademark the word “candy”

- On January 15th, this trademark was approved. There is a 30 day period in which other companies can file an appeal to contest the ruling. The trademark only blocks other games from using the word “candy” and can’t be applied to say, a clothing line that wants to use the word. King has to be able to prove that the game is deliberately trying to deceive potential buyers.

- Over the last few days, it broke that King was also trying to force Stoic to change the title of The Banner Saga due to its use of the word “saga.” Nobody on God’s green earth is going to buy The Banner Saga accidentally because it uses the same word as Candy Crush Saga. The games are not even remotely similar.

Anyway, the Candy Crush Saga “saga” saga could take an even more hilarious turn once King sees (and by now, they probably have) this.

Ultisky Inc., which is an app company that typically makes cougar-finding and map apps, has released a brain teaser mobile game entitled Delicious Sweet Saga IN WHAT HAS TO BE MASSIVE TROLL, RIGHT?

Check out this sketchy video:

The game’s Facebook is listed as the official website, and it has 0 likes.

Deliciously Sweet Saga is a series of confection-themed brain teasers and puzzles and is available in the iTunes app store for $2.99.

The game isn’t really similar to Candy Crush Saga, but I think it is pretty clearly phishing for King’s potential customers with its title and random candy theme. It could have been insect or whatever themed, but it uses candy. This seems to be a textbook example of why King is doing what it is doing.

Regardless, I have reached out to Ultisky to see if the company has heard anything from King yet and if the name will be changed if it does. I will update this when/if I hear anything back.

Written by: Corrupted Cartridge Contributor

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