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Although Corrupted Cartridge is a new website; we are constantly growing. In our 5 months of existence, we’ve attracted 203,000+ unique visitors to our little slice of the internet. As we continue to grow, we find that there are more things that we need to cover. We need writers that can help us out with that. That’s where you come in.

We are looking for writers, but before we get into what we need let’s talk about what we offer. All of our positions here at Corrupted Cartridge are on voluntary basis. We know hearing that sucks, but we do have some pretty cool benefits that we can offer. All benefits are contingent on you proving that you are a dedicated writer. Here are some of the benefits that we can offer

  • Review Codes – Whenever a new game is coming out we are generally able to get a review code. With that being said, please do not apply because you want free games.
  • Press credentials to industry events – Although we are a fairly new site; we been approved to attend EGX Rezzed, Pax East, and E3. We also have plans to attend future events too.
  • You will have the ability  to conduct interviews with developers and publishers.

Open Positions:

News Writers

Covering news is an area that we are lacking in. We send press releases out daily and we want our news writers to cover them if they are not already working on a story. We also want our news writers to write articles that they find on other sites, as well as social media and forums. New Writers are expected to write 5 news articles a week. If you are applying to this position, you must have excellent grammar skills as well as fluency in the English language. You can apply by filling out the form below.

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