Johnny’s Top 10 Video Game Intros Of All Time

Video game intros have been part of our lives for a long time. On NES, SNES and Genesis, they often told the story, and main premise of a game (or made it look good in the store). On the PlayStation and onwards – the intros went CG, trying to hype the player up – by showing graphics that could not be achieved during gameplay. I have loved these snippets of hype since I started playing video games at the age of five– and of course, I have my personal favorites. So I decided that the time was right to list my “Top 10 Favorite Video Game Intros Of All Time”.


10: Tekken 2 – PlayStation

The first 3D-fighter I played was Tekken for the Sony Playstation back in the day. When Tekken 2 arrived I was hyped, and that hype grew immensely when the intro started rolling. After watching Heihachi climb a mountain, Jun walking down a street and Kazuya being embraced by Angel– my mind was blown away. It looked good at the time, while making me care for a fighting game storyline for the first time.


9: Final Fantasy VIII – PlayStation

Some disliked Final Fantasy VIII for it’s leveling system, and touching storyline. Many loved the game for the same reasons. One thing that most people seems to like however– is the intro. It really sets the stage for the games main themes. And it does this while looking pretty darn good.


8: Soul Blade – PlayStation

Imagine this: You pop in a demo disc into your PlayStation. You see a title there named Soul Blade. When starting the demo, you notice that it is an awesome video with part gameplay footage, part CG– and a cool song with incomprehensible lyrics. Soul Blade is released. You immediately buy it, start the game– watching the CG intro sporting the same song. All the characters are posing, fighting, and showing off in the coolest manner– while you are humming to the song. Good Times.


7: Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Rhevis – PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable

I love Anime intros and Japanese music. When I decided to play Mana Khemia for the PS2 earlier this year, I was blown away by the intro of this game. It is pretty standard fare when it comes to JRPG intros, but there is something special about this one– that really makes my blood boil.


6: Chrono Trigger – Super Nintendo

Chrono Trigger was the second RPG that I ever played. I remember one of my best friends bringing home a copy of the game while he was visiting his relatives in USA. This was before Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix) localized their games in Europe. My friend told me: “Watch the pendulum stop, and do not start the game yet”. I do not regret listening to his advise. And the intro that followed blew my mind at the time.


5: Sonic Unleashed – PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360

This is easily the most epic Sonic opening of them all! You get to watch Sonic kick some “shiny metal ass”, go Super Sonic, and get caught by Eggman. All in Segas glorious CG. If they had put as much attention on the rest of the gameplay– it might have been a way better Sonic game.


4: Kingdom Hearts 2 – PlayStation 2

This is the one opening that have mad me shed a “mantear”. I loved the first Kingdom Hearts game because it surprised me with its, touching and serious story. When I first heard about the sequel– my anticipation for it went sky high. So when it finally arrived and I watched that beautiful opening cinematic – tying together the events from Kingdom Hearts and Chains Of Memories – while setting the stage for one of the most fantastic adventures on the PS2– It just became to emotional.


3: Persona 4 – PlayStation 2

Persona 4 is a game about a murder mystery. This is embodied quite well in the intro movie. It leaves small subtle hints about the games mind boggling story – without spoiling anything. It really awoke my curiosity the moment I first laid eyes on it. A well made intro for a well made game.


2: Super Metroid – Super Nintendo

“The last Metroid is in captivity… The galaxy is at peace.” These are the first words that you hear after creating a new game. And it was spoken by a voice! A voice in a video game! This blew my mind on so many levels back in the day. What followed after was Samus, telling her story – leading up to the intro level of the game. It was, and is still one of my favorite intros in the history of video games.


1: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – PlayStation, PC, Dreamcast

This is it – this is my favorite video game intro of all time. Everything fits together perfectly in this one. Raziel’s voice, the gripping storytelling, and the fantastic music – makes this my most watched intro. And every time I watch it, I want to pop in the disc into a PlayStation – reliving one of the most fantastic games that exist on the system. If you have not watched this intro, I implore you, do it! And then play the game.


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