Johnny’s Top-10 Best Video Game Endings Of All Time [Spoilers]

Video game endings are the bows placed on a perfectly gift-wrapped present. They either make us look forward to the next game in the series, or makes us happy that we played the game in the first place. A good ending can really strengthen the whole gaming experience, and sometimes even makes us cry. Here are my Top-10 Best Video Game Endings Of All Time.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you have not played any of these games, stop reading here and go play them. These endings are worth your time.

10 – Metal Gear Solid: The Otacon Ending

I remember this being one of the funniest endings in the PlayStation era. After all the serious moments, Otacon and Snake just sit on the scooter – setting the stage for a huge “bromance”. They talk about just starting to live, and laughs awkwardly after a comment about “giving up your stealth- camo”. I laugh whenever I watch this ending, and I personally think that it is superior to the “canon one”.

9 – Contra III: The Alien Wars

Contra III gets the number nine spot because It always reminds me of those old action movies. A big strong guy with a gun (a Contra, if you will) defeats an “alien brain thing”. The place goes up in flames and the guy holds on to a missile attached to a helicopter with his fingers – and escapes! Amazing, and simple.

8 – Final Fantasy XIII-2

The Final Fantasy XIII series have been down a shaky road, but it has one of the better endings from last generation. In Final Fantasy XIII-2 one of the main characters die and we get a big fat “To Be Continued” smacked in our faces. This is the first time a Final Fantasy game has done this to me, and it does it with style. It is also the main reason that I want to play Lightning Returns.

7 – Super Metroid

Super Metroid has one of the most epic Super Nintendo finales ever. That feel when Mother Brain almost defeats Samus – just to be saved by the very thing she has been trying to destroy in her years as a bounty hunter, that feeling is amazing. Combine that with an exploding planet, and an escape where you can save animals (if you want to) – and we got one heck of an ending.

6 – Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger has thirteen great endings. That’s a heck of a lot. One would think that at least one of them would be bad, but they are all either funny, or just plain great. If you have not seen them you must play the game – or at least watch the video below.

5 – Suikoden

I remember playing Suikoden while waiting for Final Fantasy VII. One of the best things about it, was easily the ending. This is because it showed the fate of ALL the 108 characters in the game. If they died in an “army battle”, it told us which battle they died in – and if they survived – the ending told us what happened to them, in their life after the events of the game. To this day, I still enjoy that about the series.

4 – Final Fantasy X

What is sad, great and beautiful all balled up into one great fantasy? The answer to that is the ending of Final Fantasy X. Tidus is a dream, so of course he cannot exist. It makes so much sense – but I wished that it was not so. At the same time, that very twist is what makes this ending so great.

3 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

I knew what was gonna happen. I knew that Zack was going to die, and that Cloud was gonna get Zack’s memories, go into Midgar and join Avalanche. But still, when fighting that final “meant to lose” battle – I could not help but wish that he would survive instead. It is easily one of the strongest and most emotional endings, in Final Fantasy history.

2 – Infamous

“What? Cole and Kessler are the same? You’re kidding me right? I want the sequel now!” My thoughts after playing through Infamous. Such a simple but powerful story twist, made the ending one of the most memorable experiences on the PS3.

1 – Persona 3

After defeating Nyx and saving the world, you get to play one last week in the game. You get to see all your maxed out social links play out – and all seems fine. Until the main-character lies down in Aigis lap, closes his eyes and never wakes up. This is a “tear shedding” ending in it’s own right. It’s powerful and makes for one of the best twists in RPG history. If you want to know why this happened… just play Persona 3: FES, and its bonus story, entitled The Answer. It is a flawless ending.

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  • Ducked

    Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is the greatest ending in video games, I’m glad it was on this list. Such an underrated game.