Is Dark Cloud 3 In Development?

Is Level 5 working on a sequel to their first full-scale RPG, Dark Cloud? It seems highly likely that they are. The last Dark Cloud was titled Dark Chronicle everywhere else except in North America, where it was titled Dark Cloud 2. It came out in 2003 on the PS2, and ever since then we have not heard one peep on a sequel.

Ever since the release of Dark Chronicle, Level 5 has gone on to see greater success with the Professor Layton series and bringing Ni no Kuni over to the PS3. It is possible that they would want to bring one of their older titles back, and Dark Cloud is perfect for that.

According to a Kotaku article posted in 2009, Level 5 said that they would only consider making Dark Cloud 3 if they got enough buzz for it.

At this moment we don’t have a specific plan for a sequel in the Dark Cloud series, Level 5′s Yoshiaki Kusuda told me at the Tokyo Game Show last week. There are many staff members, including myself at Level 5, who have worked on the Dark Cloud series, he told me through a translator. There are some who decided to join Level 5 because they love the Dark Cloud series. So, if requests from users should increase in the future, we would seriously consider making it.

Fans have pretty much shouted from every where they can that they would want to see a sequel to Dark Cloud 2, and it seems that Level 5 may have heard them. In both February and earlier this month Sony said that the company will be developing something exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Also, Akihiro Hino , the CEO of Level 5 and Creator of the Dark Cloud series recently said that they were developing something for Sony’s new system. Nothing else was said, and we did not hear about anything new from the company at E3.

If they are not bringing Dark Cloud 3 to the PS4 it is possible that they are doing an HD collection of the first 2 games, or just bringing exclusive content for the new RPG that they announced, WonderFlick. Akihiro Hino is said to be working on that game as well. Let’s hope that they are making Dark cloud 3. If anything is announced we’ll be sure to keep you updated here on Corrupted Cartridge

Written by: DaJuan Harris

is the Editor-in-Chief of Corrupted Cartridge, and he has been writing about video games for a little over 2 years. This is something that he enjoys to do, and hopes to make it a full time career. When he's not running the website he is gaming one either his custom build PC or his PS3. His PSN ID: Keodisaster

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I never got to play that series; only saw my cousin play it a couple times but title sounds cool though. What was it about?

    • valhallarie

      The first one was a action-RPG where this dark Genie is destroying your lovely little village and a Fairy King gives you a stone that gives you the power to rebuild, so you kindof… piece it back together and get a group to fight the genie! The 2nd one was really cool too, the plot was really interesting (having to deal with past, present, and future) and the art was really nice, it’s all cel-shaded. That game never gets old either, I’ve replayed it sooo many times.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Cool. the games sound very interesting….I think I would enjoy them. My cousin still has it so I’ll check it out…would be nice if they did an HD Remake for those titles though for the PS4. Hopefully Dark Cloud 3 really is coming to PS4 as RPGs have been dormant most of last gen for way too long and it’s about time they made a is the perfect time. Thanks for info on the games…I think I’d like them; though I haven’t played many RPGs- JRPG specifically- perhaps that’ll change after I play the games.

  • Zeldas Champion

    So, if requests from users should increase in the future, we would seriously consider making it….so has anyone made a petition yet?