Indie Game AdventurOS Successfully Funded At Indiegogo

A new Indie game sees through a successful funding campaign! The name of the game is AdventureOS. It is a 2.5D-rpg/metroidvania title that sports a very unique and exiting concept. The game will read your computers folders– forming a castle according to the folders content. While exploring the castle the player will meet enemies, find loot and fight bosses– while trying to free the rooms in the castle from the curse that plagues them. AdventurOS reached $21,323 (out of $10,000 needed) during its campaign, and to celebrate the dev-team released a new video, showing off some of the features of the game in conceptual form. AdventurOS have also been approved for Steam Greenlight.

This concept seems really great as it will offer an infinite number of possible room layouts, since no folder on a computer looks exactly the same. Environments between different OS types (Windows, Linux, Mac) will differ as well.

 The team developing the game consists of André Mari Coppola, Emilio Coppola and Lorena Casanova– whom are know for such titles as: Super Tower Rush, Pixelry and Antipodes.You can check out the AdventurOS Indiegogo page here:

 Also make sure to check out the new video below– It is to good to miss.

Written by: Corrupted Cartridge Contributor

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