Halo 2: Time to bring back those memories!

Looking to dive into Halo 2 once again?

Face it, with the launch of the free Halo 3 download apart of the twice a month service “Games with Gold” that Microsoft offers, you have been missing the “old days”. I mean, who hasn’t missed one of the classics that you spent hours and hours with friends on Matchmaking as well as countless hours on Custom matches?

But for those “original Halo kids” out there, who were around when Matchmaking really started and experienced those days, I am sure they have been wanting and wishing for Halo 2 once again.

I am here to tell you though, that it is possible (without violating any policies or standards that Microsoft or anyone has set up). Considering when you play an “original Xbox title” on your Xbox 360, it has no part of live; this will be no issue to anyone.

With following these quick tips and tutorial, you should be able to run Halo 2 flawlessly with your friends, given that they do the same.

- First off, you are going to want to download XBConnect 5.2, as well as WinPcap 4.1.2 which are both available here.

XBConnect Download



- Once you have completely downloaded both files, you will want to install them each. Take note, that when installing XBConnect 5.2 to select WinPcap Driver. Also note that regardless of it saying “Install WinPcap Driver” near the end, ignore that and install the updated second file anyway.
WinPcap Driver


- Once all of the software has been created and upon agreeing to the license terms, you should be prompted with the ability to create an XBConnect site profile. Do that now, so you can continue with the tutorial.
– Now that you have created your account, you are almost there! Next step is to follow the websites guide (here), and choose one of the selected methods of your choice. Note: that the method I have used over and over, is simply connecting a crossover/ethernet cable from a laptop directly to the Xbox 360 and using the Wireless connectivity of the laptop to maintain the program.


- You are basically set! We just need to get the program to recognize your device. You should be prompted with a Network/Xbox 360 search on the XBConnect program once you connect your Xbox to it. If not, simply just find a random game quickly within the menu and select “Join game”, and the prompt will then appear.

Prompted To Find
– Once it has appeared, simply go into your System Link menu on Halo 2 and start to search for a Network Game. Given that everything has correctly been established, it should simply show your Xbox and meaning you are ready to rock!

- Simply find a game with your friends, or random people to join on XBConnect, select “Join” and then select System Link on your Halo 2 menu once more, and their game should appear on the screen as if they were right next to you!

That’s all folks! You should easily be able to setup games and play like the old days, without too much fuss and without spending a dime (given that you own a spare cable or two)!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at Kenny@corruptedcartridge.com personally, or leave a comment below!

Now go out there and play that classic!


Written by: Corrupted Cartridge Contributor

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