GOG.com Valentine’s Day Sale Giving Away Dungeon Keeper For FREE!

Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day like trapping and torturing helpless heroes who enter a maniacal dungeon of your own creation, right? Well, GOG.com thinks so and as such they are giving away the 1997 strategy game, Dungeon Keeper Gold (which includes the Deeper Dungeons expansion pack) for FREE! A ticking timer on the site indicates that this deal will be available until Sunday, February 16 at 10:59AM GMT so hurry over to claim your game!

However, if running a dungeon isn’t quite your thing GOG has a few other deals that might tickle your fancy. First, the site’s entire Dungeons and Dragons catalog is 80% off. This includes such classics as Baldur’s Gate I and II, Planescape Torment and the Icewind Dale series among others.

Second, a host of 30 multiplayer titles are available at 90% off, including Trine 1 and 2System Shock 2 and Guacamelee: Gold Edition among others. Head on over to GOG.com for the full list of discounted games. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy gaming!

Written by: Andrew Jacobson

Associate Editor for Corrupted Cartridge, Andrew is a native Seattleite with a passion for artistic media of all types. When he isn't playing video games or writing about them, Andrew can probably be found at a local pub, drowning his sorrows with a few pints.