First Teaser Trailer Released For A Story About My Uncle

The indie developer Gone Forth Games have recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming first person platform game A Story About My Uncle.

A Story About My Uncle is a completely non violent story based platform game which was created using the Unreal Engine. The game sees players take control of a boy who is searching for his uncle and finds himself in an imaginary world.

Check out the trailer below.



A Story About My Uncle started as a university project and was nominated in the Swedish Game Awards 2012 for Game Of The Year. The short demo for A Story About My Uncle has been available since 2012 and is now set for release in summer 2014 and will be published by Coffee Stain Studios.

Written by: Mark Thorne

So after he for some strange reason wrote this the first time as if he was applying for a job Mark has gotten around to correcting this. Mark always likes to have a good time and is all about having a good laugh. He will also probably never get used to writing about himself from a 3rd person perspective :P.