Fading Hearts Gets Greenlit On Steam

Earlier this week, Sakura Interactive announced that its new interactive novel, Fading Hearts, has been Greenlit on Steam and has also peaked in the top 20 on the Steam’s Sellers List.

Fading Hearts now has updated monster art and battle effects as well as a new user interface.

This novel is different than other visual novels.

In Fading Hearts, the player has the ability to change the style of the game depending on choices they make throughout the game. It also infuses a dating and life simulator with RPG elements.

Fading Hearts puts you in the shoes of a school student from the land of Sorayama. Players have the choice to lead a normal school life or go on an adventure and investigate the secrets and mysteries around you.

Most visual novels are popular for their large amount of choices and replay value, and Fading Hearts takes this to a whole new level with endless amounts of choices. This means that each story you create will unfold different than before.

Fading Hearts is available now to buy from Steam, Sakura River’s website or selected retailers for $14.95 and is available for Mac, PC and Linux. You can also get 25% off of the game if you download it from Steam before February 12.

Written by: Mark Thorne

So after he for some strange reason wrote this the first time as if he was applying for a job Mark has gotten around to correcting this. Mark always likes to have a good time and is all about having a good laugh. He will also probably never get used to writing about himself from a 3rd person perspective :P.