Dead Man’s Draw Is Now Available On PC

Dead Man’s Draw is now available on Steam. Earlier this week, Stardock Entertainment released their PC port of their popular IOS game. The PC version of Dead Man’s Draw also gets rid of the micro transactions feature that was present in the mobile version of the game and includes all of the new content that has been released since the game was first released for IOS platforms. The new content includes over 20 new tournaments as well as card abilities and player traits.

Dead Man’s Draw is a card game which mixes together gameplay from puzzle and strategy games as well as gameplay from well known card games. The original IOS version of the game has an average of around a 4.5 star rating on Itunes and also  has more than 660 user reviews. Dead Man’s Draw has also received a large amount of praise from multiple critics.

Dead Man’s Draw has been optimized for the PC and includes higher resolution hand crafted art and a special interface made specifically for the PC. It also includes a new Mermaid suit that allows players to replay a card allowing them to create even bigger combos.

Written by: Mark Thorne

So after he for some strange reason wrote this the first time as if he was applying for a job Mark has gotten around to correcting this. Mark always likes to have a good time and is all about having a good laugh. He will also probably never get used to writing about himself from a 3rd person perspective :P.