Concursion Review

Concursion is what would happen if you took one of those 5 in 1 games from the days of the NES and squished all five games into one. Drawing inspiration from games like, Super Mario Bros., R-Type, Strider, Balloon Fight and Pac-Man, Concursion attempts to blur the line between different

Transistor Review

After the success of 2011’s Bastion, Supergiant Games have returned with their second game, Transistor. Many questions could have been asked prior to this games release. How do you follow-up a game like Bastion? Can this live up to the hype? What type of game will this be? I for

Speed Kills Review

Harkening back to the days of Rock N Roll Racing, R.C. Pro-Am, and Micro Machines, Speed Kills will scratch that nostalgia itch for fans of isometric racers, but maybe not everyone else. That’s not to say however, that the game is not enjoyable. The racing itself is not overtly complicated

Daylight Review

I’m not too sure where to begin. Normally I open with a paragraph filled with awful analogies that are completely incoherent, before moving on to discussing the actual game in question. Yet, I sit here, somewhat baffled by my experience with Daylight. So I continue to sit, scratching away at my abysmal

Accessed Early: Space Engineers

I was actually quite shocked when I saw just how well Space Engineers was selling in comparison to other early access titles. Of course, there are the predictable favorites out there. While DayZ has been hugely popular, other titles such as, Rust, Kerbal Space Program and Prison Architect have also received attention thanks to various media outlets.

Outlast Reinvents the Horror Genre

Over-sized castle? Check. Stormy weather? Check. Main character trying to remember his own life because he suffers from a hereditary mental disease passed through video games? Check. Horror games have fallen into a flawed, cliche filled system that has been slowly ruining the entire genre for a while. In 2010, Amnesia:

Blackguards Review

A dwarf with clear anger management issues, a mage who is easily aroused by the smallest thing and a hunter with an obvious memory complex. This is the trio who are left to solve a mystery and travel the world. These three people were going to be the persistent characters

Don’t Starve PS4 Edition Review

Survival games really seem to be the in thing right now. If you aren’t mining your way to the Nether in Minecraft or running away from the glitches and bugs in Day One: Garry’s Incident, everybody seems to be in love with this genre. Rightly so, too. It’s thrown some

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review

Concept The concept for Gas Guzzlers Extreme is simple and to some people, it may also remind them of games like Twisted Metal and Full Auto. Players start off with low performance cars and work their way up the ranks with rewards like unlocking new cars and customizing them with the cash they earn