Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Playable at PAX Prime

  Square Enix released a brand new trailer for the anticipated Kingdom Hearts 2.5 in preparation for PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. The trailer, titled FINAL MIX, highlights the new extras and enemies tacked onto this rerelease. There are over 40 new items that can be obtained, new bosses such

Tropico 5 DLC Leaked

Tropico 5 is been out for almost a week now, and the games DLC has already been revealed, but not in the way Kalypso might have hoped. Thanks to some clever data miners on the games steam community, we know the names of each DLC pack as well as what

Transistor Review

After the success of 2011’s Bastion, Supergiant Games have returned with their second game, Transistor. Many questions could have been asked prior to this games release. How do you follow-up a game like Bastion? Can this live up to the hype? What type of game will this be? I for