The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 Preview

King Art Games are known for their point and click adventures and from what I’ve played of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 this game is no exception. I was recently lucky enough to be able to play the first chapter the game and it has been one of the

Eurogamer Kickstarter: Poncho

I Played a variety of indie games at this years Eurogamer event and Poncho was one of these. The game is a platformer in which the main character Poncho is searching to find his maker. The most interesting thing about the game was the mechanic which allows you to shift

Light In The Dark Is Available Now!

The new mobile studio Draemgate Studio released their first mobile game earlier this week. The game is called Light in the Dark and is a light bending puzzle game in which players have to use mirrors to bend and blend different colored lights to save the baby Totems from the