City Suggestions for Grand Theft Auto VI

With Grand Theft Auto V being the huge critical and commercial success that it was, it’s difficult to imagine GTA 6 not becoming a reality. And while we’ve probably all got one or two anticipatory questions regarding the next entry in the series, when it comes to GTA there is, perhaps,

The Slow Death of Obligatory Content

Video games have been around for some time now, so while it may seem like just yesterday that we were powering up our very first game consoles, the truth is, it wasn’t. In fact, the first commercial home video game system, the Magnavox Odyssey, was released way back in 1972.

Microsoft Names 65 Developers Working With ID@Xbox

Microsoft has released a list of 65 independent developers who are currently working on games for Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program. The news came from ID@Xbox Director, Chris Charla, via Xbox Wire earlier today. While not a comprehensive list of the developers signed to the program (which amounts to more than 200

17 Minute Thief Walkthrough Released

At this point the Thief reboot has received a number gameplay trailers which have served to highlight the game’s various systems and features as well as its story and characters. However this latest trailer from developer, Eidos Montreal, is our longest look at uninterrupted gameplay; over 17 minutes of unedited, uncommented, pure

Titanfall Official Merchandise Announced

Titanfall. Just saying the word is enough to send gamers everywhere into a frenzy of anticipation and with just a few months until this titan of a game falls onto store shelves there is plenty to be excited about. To add to this already cataclysmic level of hype, developer Respawn