17 Minute Thief Walkthrough Released

At this point the Thief reboot has received a number gameplay trailers which have served to highlight the game’s various systems and features as well as its story and characters. However this latest trailer from developer, Eidos Montreal, is our longest look at uninterrupted gameplay; over 17 minutes of unedited, uncommented, pure stealth action.

The video is a walkthrough of the game’s first mission, Lockdown, from start to finish. We see what master thief, Garrett, sees as he sneaks through the city streets, avoiding guards and using his versatile array of tools to stay out of sight. Sneaking quietly into a Jeweler’s home, Garrett scours the residence for goodies before securing his primary objective; a priceless jeweled mask.

We then follow Garrett as he finds his way out of the house and back onto the rainy streets. Slyly extinguishing torches and darting past guards, Garrett is finally able to leave the area and complete his mission.

Check out the full video below.



At the end of the video we also get a look at the completed mission screen which shows off some of the ways players will be ranked as well as highlighting some of the side activities and different playstyles that players will be able to participate in.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 3.04.28 PM

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Thief will be out on February 25 (North America), 27 (Australia) and 28 (worldwide) for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For more on Thief stay tuned to Corrupted Cartridge.

Written by: Andrew Jacobson

Associate Editor for Corrupted Cartridge, Andrew is a native Seattleite with a passion for artistic media of all types. When he isn't playing video games or writing about them, Andrew can probably be found at a local pub, drowning his sorrows with a few pints.